Who we are


Ms. Mehnaz Kafray


Mehnaz Kafray is a visionary educator and inspiring leader who has 20 years of experience in the field of Education. During her studies, Mehnaz’s leadership potential shone through, and she was recognized for her ability to foster collaboration among her peers and promote an inclusive learning environment. Upon completing her master’s program, she obtained her Texas Principal certification, solidifying her qualifications as an educational leader with the capacity to guide and influence schools’ strategic growth and development.

Mehnaz has direct experience leading early childhood education programs, has taught middle school, and worked extensively with high school students. This experience has allowed her to master the journey a child takes starting from preschool to the completion of twelfth grade. She has championed a holistic approach to education that emphasizes the importance of creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence and is a firm believer that successful education includes best practices in teaching, an inclusion of social/emotional growth, and a focus on discovering the strengths and gifts of each child. Through her experience in various schools, she embraced the challenge of transforming Islamic Schools into vibrant centers of learning and student growth.

Mehnaz joined BHA in 2011 and has served in various capacities- as a teacher, academic counselor, and assistant principal. She is excited to lead the littlest of our LHA Stars and establish Little Horizons Academy as the first Islamic Preschool in DFW.

Assistant Director

Ms. Saima Basith


Saima Basith holds the position of Assistant Director at Little Horizons Academy, where she plays a vital role in the organization. With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Education, she brings a strong academic foundation to her work. Additionally, Saima is a certified Early Childhood Administrator, demonstrating her expertise in the field.

With a career spanning since 2006, Saima has dedicated herself to early childhood education. She firmly believes in the individuality and inherent value of each child, recognizing their unique qualities and the significant contributions they can make to the world.

For the past five years, Saima has held a leadership position at Brighter Horizons Academy, further honing her skills and experience. In her current capacity as Assistant Director, she diligently supports the center’s operations, ensuring smooth functioning and optimal performance. Saima’s unwavering passion and unwavering commitment contribute to the establishment of a clear vision for Little Horizons Academy.

At the heart of Saima’s approach lies her nurturing nature, characterized by tenderness, warmth, and genuine care. These qualities imbue the center with an atmosphere of compassion, beauty, and intellectual growth. Both children and teachers find solace and inspiration in the enriching environment she cultivates at the center, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all on a daily basis.

Staff Directory

Name Position Contact
Mehnaz Kafray Director
Saima Basith Assistant Director
Ayesha Taranum Administrative Assistant
Enas Ashry PK 1 and PK 2
AQI Teacher
Hanadi Alrefaai KG AQI Teacher
Eman Hammad  Floater
Inas Shabaneh PK 1 Teacher
TBA PK 1 Teacher Assistant
Rudy Albaghdadi PK 1 Teacher Assistant
Alexandra Alrawi PK 2 Teacher
Candra Daghles PK 2 Teacher Assistant
Rawand Aqrabawi PK 2 Teacher
Faryal Khalid PK 2 Teacher Assistant
Latifa Almaawiy PK 2 Teacher
Amna Diaf PK 2 Teacher Assistant
TBA KG Teacher
TBA KG Teacher Assistant
Anita Khan KG Teacher
Rawan Yasien KG Teacher Assistant
Walaa Hosameldin KG Teacher
Manal Aqrabawi KG Teacher Assistant
Sara ElHasan KG Teacher
Yasmeen Siddiqui KG Teacher Assistant